Fusion to 5k – Part Three (The Walker 500)

Waking up at home the first day after returning from the hospital, I wondered what the heck had happened to me. My head was spinning, pain levels beyond description and on the table next to me was a smorgasbord of pain meds, muscle relaxants and ice packs. I was warned by Dr. Harms that I would have doubts on why I volunteered to put my body through this ordeal, and even be mad at him for doing this to me, especially the first few weeks after the surgery. I think that’s why they were all wearing masks in the operating room that day, so I wouldn’t get a glimpse of the guy holding the chisel and power drill. I wasn’t really mad at anyone because I knew deep down that without the surgery things would only get worse.

Since I was restricted to not climbing too many stairs for a while, my base camp for the next few weeks would be on a day bed in the corner of our family room, right next to the Xmas tree. (I hope I don’t have flash backs during next year’s holiday and start having back pain whenever I see a tree).
Because of the limited trips up to the second floor where the shower and my razor are, I started to look like a scruffy dog.

Not quite the look I was going for, so it was time to get training and make it upstairs to clean up my act. At first one lap around the lower level three or four times a day was all I could tolerate, but after a couple of days I was cruising laps around the dining & living room like a geriatric race car driver leaving a path on the carpet, timing each lap with my Ironman watch (and no I didn’t strap my GPS watch to the walker, because the speed I was traveling wouldn’t have registered). With the first level of training done, climbing the stairs to the second floor stood between me and a shave and nice warm shower. The first few steps were a little shaky, but after several minutes I made it upstairs and after getting my incision covered over with press & seal (great product BTW) to keep the incision dry, I was able to make “Scruffy Man” go away.

With the Body n Sole New Years Eve 3 mile Fun Run just three weeks away, I had my work cut out for me if I wanted to be able to make an appearance and try to help out with the event. I gradually increased my walking time to 5 min indoors and decided since there was no ice or snow to bundle up and take the walker outside and get a change of scenery. I only made it to the next door neighbor’s driveway before my right leg went numb and decided it was time to head back and try again the next day.

The following days were filled with walks outside, gradually increasing my distance one house at a time. The following week one of my running buddies, George came by to walk with me and I made it a little over a block before needing to return home. Having a training partner, even for that one walk, seemed to motivate me and soon I was traveling further and further around the neighborhood. The only trouble was that the plastic skids on the walker we’re wearing away and I really didn’t want get another set or stick tennis balls on the legs, so I needed to find another way to safely walk without using the walker.
To be continued……


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